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How to Set up a Free Website with GitHub Pages - How I Created

Video Tutorial:

I have recently published using only GitHub Pages and markdown and decided to create a guide to preserve this knowledge in the form of a video/article so I can reuse it in my future projects. GitHub Pages is a free and a pretty good hosting service. It is an add-on for regular GitHub repositories, and you can host your website as well as code and other things in one repo, which is pretty good. I must warn that GitHub Pages is intended for techies. If you want something much simpler, go with Google Sites, or, or WordPress. In the first part of this video/article, I will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of GitHub Pages. In the second part, I will deploy a brand-new website using GitHub Pages and simple markdown. Everything will be done through GitHub's UI and online code editor. I will also demonstrate a sample React website hosted on GitHub Pages.

Outline of this video/article:
• Intro
• Why GitHub Pages
• Advantages
• Disadvantages
• GitHub Pages Setup & How I Created
• My Recommendations
• Conclusion

Free website hosting:
• GitHub Pages (for techies):
o Supports Jekyll:
o Supports Static HTML + CSS + JavaScript
o Supports React (and anything that compiles to static HTML/JS/CSS):
• Google Sites (non-techies):
• Alternatives for Bloggers
o Blogger (basic):
o WordPress (more advanced):
• Alternatives for Programmers
o Heroku:
o Firebase:

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