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Episode 1 Of "The Quasar Show" goes live on Thursday

Episode 1 of "The Quasar Show" goes live tomorrow! Thursday 9:00pm CET

Hello Quasar Developers!

My name's Luke, and I'm a new member of the quasar team, focusing on video content.

This is a quick post to let you know that Episode 1 of "The Quasar Show" goes live tomorrow!

time: Thursday 9:00pm CET

What will be covered?

I hope to see you there! We'll be covering:

  • The latest quasar/vue news
  • A short play with the composition API
  • Showcasing awesome quasar projects, live in the real world!
  • Two cool components and how to use them
  • "Corners of the docs" you may not know about
  • Architecture (For all you Intermediate to Advanced Devs)
  • And the story of how I fell in love with Quasar

Excited? Me too!
Here's a short teaser...

Save the date/time in your calendar, and remember...

You can build anything.

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