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Quasar Hack-a-May Results and Winners!

Firstly - Thanks to all the participants for their entries.

Next, we'd like to remind everyone of the rules we put in place for this contest.

Ok. So let's get to the awards.

Drum roll please!..........

First place goes to: BBex

Author: Kurtis Fields

BBex is a bookmark tool, which helps you better manage large numbers of book marks. It uses Dexie as a storage system in your browser and also uses Fuse for powerful searches in your bookmarks.

This BEX is easily installed and works from the gitgo. In fact, it loads up first with a simple button to run the setup, which indexes your bookmarks. After that, you have a great system to manage your bookmarks.

Congrats to Kurtis on this great little tool and winning the contest.

Second place goes to: Quasar App Extension GH Pages Auto-Deploy

Author: Roland Doda

Coming in a very close second is Roland's GH-Pages Auto Deploy App Extension (AE).

We were really impressed with this little AE. Simply have your app's repo on Github (locally, your app's repo needs to have a GH repo as a remote origin), then install this AE into your app and you have a one-stop script to build and upload/publish your apps to Github Pages via yarn gh-pages-deploy.

A great AE utility for those who use Github Pages and it also shows the versatility of Quasar's App Extension system and thus earns second place.

Third place goes to: GBTuls Translator

Author: huy-tran

This is another interesting BEX. It is also a great little tool for the translation of highlighted text on any web page. No longer do you need to cut and paste to get a translation. Had the "Language Target" persisted, it might have even gotten more votes. We also know there are other extensions out there to do the same thing. The fact it was written in Quasar makes it special to us and a well-earned third place.

Honorable Mention #1: Covid Game Bex

Author: siauderman

As we did the voting, totally subjective and with no guidance between the core Quasar team, this remarkable BEX just missed out of placing among the winners.

This BEX is an interesting game, which not only is a game, but also an interactive way to learn about Covid and how the body fights such diseases on its own. There is even music!

Awesome work done here and well worth the honorable mention.

Honorable Mention #2: Quasar Grouped Table

Author: Narcis13

This little AE is the last honorable mention. It shows how the AE system can also work for extended Quasar components. Need a grouped table? Just run quasar ext add q-grouped-table and you have it.


Thanks again to all the participants. It was amazing to see the diversity of ideas, which just goes to show how Quasar can be used for practically any idea to make an application frontend a reality.

Those who won, would you please contact me via DM on Discord - Scott (EN-DE)#0052 - to arrange getting the prizes to you. Thanks!

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