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Find the best repos to contribute to in #hacktoberfest

Contributing to open source is difficult. Ironically, it's particularly difficult during #hacktoberfest. Why? Most of the issues in the open source network are solved by programmers that already know the codebase where those issues live. Hacktoberfest flips the script and makes it cool to scavenge the open source network hunting for easy issues to solve. The problem? The open source network is vast and disorganised, so finding the communities (and issues!) that align with your skills and interests is extremely difficult.

At Quine we believe that contributing to open source is the best way to level up as a developer, so Hacktoberfest should be celebrated all year round! That is why we are building Scout, a platform that allows you to easily find projects to contribute to, add to your stack, or simply enjoy! Our powerful ML engine will crunch your Github metadata to provide you the issues that best align with your interests - all through a fresh, simplified, and personalised interface!

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🎟 Quine is still in closed beta, but we're giving out 100 beta-tester invites this month! To snap one, go here and use the access code hacktoberfest2021

More stuff is coming soon, follow us on Twitter for updates 🐦

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