My first VS Code Theme: Metzi

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Hello, this is my very first post, I'm so excited to share with you this vs code theme.

Something I can't find in any other theme was "italic strings" and the use of fewer colors, or I didn't search enough, and the tipping point was this post What Does Your IDE/Code Editor Look Like?, where I release my setup wasn't something I would like to call "ideal".


As developers every day we give names to files, vars, functions, it could be easier every time but not always is true, not to me at least, naming is one of the most important things. With Metzi as name for this theme I want to share my roots and also something to represent darkness, since I'm from Mexico and this will be a dark theme.

Metzi comes from Metztli, she was the God of the Moon for Aztecs, and as we know when the moon is over us: "the night is dark and full of terrors", that's what make this name oddly perfect. Here we go, let me introduce:


A dark theme for vs code with fewer colors and good contrast.

vscode explorer screen with Metzi as theme

My Ideal Setup

vscode with my installed extensions and term

Editor/IDE: VS Code 🤣
VSCode Theme: Metzi
Shell: Fish

VS Code extension

Here are the extensions I use that add something visual to vs code.

Bracket Pair Colorizer 2

Lets you set the color for brackets I set all to white... almost white

Power Mode

Add particles while you type, it's so funny! 🤯

Material Icon Theme

Finally icons for explorer. A lot of icons, almost an icon even for every name you give to folders.


Create your theme for vs code it's not so complex as I thought, and publish your theme it's also easy.

So far this is not the end, or a final version this is the beginning, you can install Metzi from the marketplace.

I'll appreciate any feedback, so let's share how Metzi looks with your favorite language and extensions you use.

Til next mi Amigo!

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Awesome. Look a bit "Nord" ish to me which I liked about the theme✨


Thank you Adithya, I really like to see how your favorite language looks with Metzi :)