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Matvey Romanov
Matvey Romanov

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What annoys you while coding?

Hi, Dev community. Do you want to discuss what or who annoys you while working? Maybe someone has some ideas on how to solve these problems.

Let me start. In the process of working, I am very annoyed by DM messages or numerous mentions in conversations along with notifications.

What about you? Don't be scared. I'm sure, it's a great theme for a conversation.

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Lots of commented out code that have been there forever for no reason whatsoever.

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So many things:

  • Visual Studio freezing (usually because of Resharper) 😤😤😤
  • seeing code that was clearly written for the purpose of getting the job done as quickly as possible (remember: your time gain is every colleague's time loss)
  • unreliable intellisense (vs again 😤)
  • phone calls that really don't require a phone call (hello, beloved clients 😅)
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Matvey Romanov

Yeah, phone calls are really annoying

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isn't it a good solution for intellisense in vscode yet ?

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Unused packages in package.json

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I'm late to the party but here goes. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Noise and notifications bother me the most.

What I do about noise: listen to some music (usually with no lyrics).

What I do about notifications: silence all the unnecessary ones.

Bonus: I hate long mail-threads and a full mail box. Solution: create filters and labels to handle incoming mail. And mute long mail threads (wherever possible). 😅

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Generally any noise around me (I cannot afford noise cancelling headphones alas).
Slack and email notifications which are often critical to respond to timeously.
My pet and my landlords pets can also be very distracting if I am working at home.
Spaghetti code where you have to follow the trail through multiple functions before you can even begin to make changes.

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Jez McKean

Noise-cancelling headphones aren't actually very good at that kind of noise, only for general background hum etc.

I find that listening to white or brown noise, along with music, helps.

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Chance Smith • Edited

My team and I spent time adding or fixing the tools I need (jest, webpack, babel, node versions, etc...), instead of getting the real problem solved....adding/fixing a feature.

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Fix bugs from colleagues.

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Dominik Gorczyca

Getting called while being focused on something.

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Weakly typed languages, such as JS, Python

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Durga Pokharel

My laptop freezes sometimes and the mystery guy from next apartment sings in loud. :P

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Dumte Nwidoobee Joshua

I got provoke after trying to fix an issue, the issue may be fixed but I'll end up rubbishing my work. Then at the end I'll feel bad and discouraged in coding.