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Rachell Sincere
Rachell Sincere

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To say I'm overwhelmed would be a huge (#big, #gigantic, #monstrous) understatement. This week marks my 11th week at Lambda school and the start of my first Build Week Project. I have no clue what I'm doing. Yet, I know exactly what to do...

What the heck?!!

The issue lies in the fact that my collaboration and communication skills are being tested. I have to work with one other UI developer to design the marketing page for an app...I think. I'm not even clear on the instructions. Why? Because of my crab-like, anti-social personality, I'd rather sit back and have someone else ask all the clarifying questions so I can just get to work. Ha! Eventually I'll know what to do.

And I'll fill you in on all the brutal blockers and beautiful breakthroughs once I reach the other side in a couple weeks.

...But, right now? I'm just going to use up my free time venting, eating an ice cream cone, and watching countless Youtube videos on how to build a login page.

Pray to the JS gods for me...

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Isaac Browne

Haha I know the feeling. I'm also 11 weeks deep at my bootcamp also. At first I thought my introvertedness was going to be a problem but I realize introverts are not really anti social we just prefer to have meaningful conversations about things we interested in.

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Rachell Sincere

That's so true! I'm glad you could relate.