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Rachell Sincere
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"You CAN sit with us"

Okay. Maybe I overreacted a tiny bit on the last post.

Now that I'm on the other side of my first Build-Week at Lambda school, this doesn't feel so bad after all. Our project came together beautifully. As far as my communication crisis? I laugh just thinking about how easily that was overcome. Mostly thanks to my amazing partner who was uninhibited and ready to work! I learned a lot about how project management tools such as Trello boards and can really break a daunting project down into digestible pieces. Our UI came out beautiful and clean. Most importantly, we passed!

Overcoming that first (major) obstacle helped me get over my first bout of imposter's syndrome. My partner took on the task of completing our 'About the Team' page. Let me tell you: I was blown away by how my partner portrayed me and my skills/contributions. Reading that bio had to be the point where I realized that I do belong here. Seeing how my natural behavior and instincts (that I took for granted daily) were being perceived by someone I had known barely a month really helped me see my strengths and value to whatever company I will work with as a software engineer in the near future (hey, Microsoft!).

Now, I'm bracing myself for the start of something completely new: backend. Here we go again!

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