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Devon Campbell
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Get coding practice while doing good by volunteering

You have several great options to get your coding practice:

But there’s one I haven’t covered that will let you skill up while also giving you the warm fuzzies: volunteering!

Here are 4 sites where you can find a volunteer coding gig that works for you.

Bonus option: 🗺 Volunteer locally

If you’re looking for ways to practice, starting a project is another great one. If you're looking for which one to start, I have 10 unique project ideas you can use.

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A very cool volunteer topic!

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Yes, many people underestimate the help on the Internet, it's very cool that there are authors who write such cool articles.

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Actually, volunteering is a good deal. And when it can be combined with studying, it's awesome. I've written some content for, and it has been great. I've helped students with their writings and get new experience and knowledge. Sometimes I also use such platforms with free essays, so I've been glad to participate in their creation.

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Wow, it's really interesting possibilities for beginners. Thanks for sharing!