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Simple Responsive Personal Website

Inspired by so many personal websites out there, I wanted to create one for myself. But first I decided to do it for my sister, since she was looking for a job at the moment, so I thought it would be nice and might help her. Now I wanted to share my work with you and hopefully help someone else :)

To be honest I spent quite some time brainstorming about which set of technologies to use. Countless frameworks and libraries were waiting for me to choose them, but I decided to go hard with pure HTML, CSS and a little bit of JavaScript.

You can check the initial version here. It is a simple responsive layout with timeline section.

Of course there are a lot of improvements to be done, specifically with the media queries on the breakpoints. I already added some todos on the github repo about adding some cool CSS features, maybe some animations or parallax effect.

If you find some piece of code useful, feel free to use it for your own projects. Or even customize the page with few changes in colors, some animations and voila - you have your own personal website!

So what are your thoughts, what could I do better? I would like to receive as many feedback as possible, so don't hesitate to comment below.

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Rahilka Simonova

Yes, thanks for the suggestion!
I compressed it and deployed it, should be better now :)