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Connect MongoDB Atlas and upload data :

Rahul Kumar
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What is MongoDB atlas :

It is a database as a service where we could upload our data to the popular cloud providers such as AWS , azure, GCP .

Alt Text

setup :

  1. Crate a new project .
    Alt Text

  2. Select the free tire and then choose the cloud provider .
    Alt Text

  3. Navigate to the create a new user under the security section and then add a new user with password .

  4. and finally we can click on the connect button and then click on connect to our application .

  5. Then integrate that URI in your application with your username and password .

Here i am using node.js with mongoose as an odm(object document mapper)

mongoose.connect('mongodb+srv://admin:<password><dbname>?retryWrites=true&w=majority', {useNewUrlParser: true});
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  • replace with your username , password and dbname .

  • Now we can execute CRUD operations on our database .

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