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(Premium)OAuth 2.0 (Google) using NodeJS, MySQL, JWT + ReactJS

Why this blog?

As OAuth2.0 Authentication functionality is fundamentally complicated to implement using tech stack such as ReactJS, NodeJS, MySQL & JWT.

I wanted to specifically add Google's oAuth2.0 functionality in one of my Products but this was the thing which I was going to do for the very first time so I was a bit confused about how to recognize or to know whether the user is login or not and many of the developers are comfortable with JWT rather than any other library and the main thing is how to store data in Database and what kind of data to store in a database especially in MySQL.

I haven't found any Repository or Blogs or any YouTube video which will explain oAuth2.0 easily including adding Tokens in user's cookies and Storing Data in MySQL, So I thought this Repository will help you not to get confused with Google's oAuth2.0

I'm not writing a complete article here, but I have a codebase and I have uploaded it on GitHub also I have added comments so that it will be easy to understand.

GitHub Link - OAuth2.0
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