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How to monetize yourself on web

Monetization is something all you need and want but couldn't do with some reasons. So, here in the blog post, I will share you how you can monetize what you do or you're good in.

Taking an example, when you write you write for passion or to earn something from it. But if you write because it's your passion then you will earn more and will never get out of ideas. When you write to earn then surely you'll get out of ideas whether it's a huge niche or not. (Exception)

How you can monetize and make more INCOME

Assuming you have a blog

Monetizing your blog


Here are 3 simple and possible ways anyone can monetize their blog. Let's know them in detail.

Affiliate Marketing and Selling eBooks

The reason they are together is that they are inter-dependent to each other. Sometimes it happens when you write a blog post and you offer some product that the user should have or is necessary to buy.

What you do is you give them the direct link instead of the direct link you can also give the affiliated link so you'll get some commissions if the user buys it. Nowadays many e-commerce platform offer affiliate program and it's easy to join. Here is the direct link to the most popular eCommerce platform.

Selling eBooks

Writing eBook is not a tough job, it's just easy and amazing. Writing eBook is just like writing a long blog post on your niche. I remember one guy wrote a simple 44-page ebook and got an amazing sales on that(he made more than $4K).

Tools to get start with eBook writing:

Using COIL

This is the most unique, in-demand and growing type monetization on the web. You can monetize your blog by just simple HTML embed no need for any shitty verification like AdSense. COIL just pays you for posting your content on the web.

How much does Coil pay?

Coil pays $0.36 for every hour a Coil Member spends on your content. Coil sends micropayments roughly every second for each visiting member.

What's a digital wallet?

You need a digital wallet to receive payments! Certain digital wallet providers support a protocol called Interledger. To receive payments from Coil, you need such a wallet.

You can sign up for Uphold it's easy to integrate with the website.

Here are my earning reports.

I made $160 approx with this.

Writing for others

Many websites pay you for writing technical articles. I have gathered some of them that will pay you amazing for your amazing techy articles.

  • CSS-Tricks : They pay $250 for published article related to CSS or web development. Read their guidelines
  • *TutorialsPoint *: They pay up to $500 per article if it gets approved. There are various technical topics you can write on. Read their guidelines
  • Code Tuts+ : They pay up to $150 for tip and $200 for article. Read their guidelines
  • Twilio : They pay upto $500 for every article. Read their guidelines

The one thing I didn't talk here is about the content

yes, content also matters.

Do you want development news right on your default chrome or firefox page? Then get the amazing extension. There are only PROS of getting this extension no CONS.

Thanks for Reading.

If it's useful you know what to do. THANKSπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚

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Corentin Bettiol

Coal just worked! Since it's December they offered a free subscription for everyone, and I just received this email:

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Hope it's helpful for you. You can use the payment pointer and many website you own.

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No problem. If it's possible to tag, plz tag me in.