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Ng-News: Episode 22/21

This is a weekly posting, covering the latest updates from the Angular community.

Angular's Vision for the Future

Madleina Scheidegger from the Angular team published an article where she summarized all the latest developments and gave an outlook for the near future.

As already mentioned in former episodes, after typed forms and standalone components are available, the Angular team will improve SSR and provide content about MicroFrontends.

Link to the Article on

Angular Internationalization

Mark Thompson, also from the Angular team, released a video on YouTube about internationalization.

This is an interesting topic because the build-in or the official feature does it during the compilation time and community libraries like Transloco or ngx-translate follow a runtime approach.

According to Mark, Angular chose the "compilation strategy" because users will not change the language often, the bundle size is smaller, and it doesn't decrease Angular's performance during the runtime.

This is Angular guides

In the last episode, I missed mentioning the release of "This is Angular guides". This new website covers quite a lot of topics around Angular and already contains a collection of articles about the upcoming Standalone API.

Direct Link

TypeScript 4.7

TypeScript got a minor version upgrade to 4.7. Most of the new features center around support for ES Modules. From an application developer's perspective, the main addition was the improved support of type inference for accessing properties via indexed keys. With a type guard place, TypeScript 4.7 infers the type correctly.

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Release Notes

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