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Ng-News: Issue 22/12

This is a weekly posting, covering the latest updates from the Angular community.

Updated Angular Roadmap

We saw an update of the official Angular Roadmap. As the name says, it lists all the Angular team's past, current, and future tasks.

In the area of "Optional NgModules" or "Standalone Components", it looks like the primary tasks are more or less done, and the work shifts to secondary user stories.
For example, even with Standalone components, the routing configuration needs the RouterModule. The Angular teams works on possibilities to get rid of these types of modules.

We find a very similar situation in typed forms. At the moment, this feature is rolled out to the Angular applications at Google. We are speaking here of a total amount of 2,500+ applications.
The learnings of this process will probably find their way into the migration script. So it looks like we get typed forms for free without touching our code.

Angular Roadmap

Video Recordings

Last week, quite a bunch of video recordings were published.

ng-conf kicked off with three talks from Preston Lamb about RxJs' combineLatest, Brandon Roberts, maintainer of NgRx about "NgRx at Scale", and Jeff Whelpley, who is the co-creator of Angular Universal, about improving the initial loading of an Angular application.

AngularNation had two sessions with Igor Minar and Jessica Janiuk. Jessica is a member of the Angular team, and Igor is a former member.


We had a major update of Transloco, which didn't bring any new features, but requires now Angular 13.

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