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Rajdeep Ray
Rajdeep Ray

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My First Hacktoberfest

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

One of my Goals for 2020 was to contribute to open-source projects, and Hacktoberfest seemed like a perfect opportunity to achieve it.

As the Hacktoberfest began, I started searching for open-source projects to which I could contribute.
I finally found my first project on a repository on Data structures and Algorithms in C++ and Python, where I contributed by adding recursive programs in C++.
This motivated me to contribute more to the open-source community, and I contributed to another project on Python web-scripts by making a web-scraper.

Through Hacktoberfest, I had an experience with the open-source community and how to contribute to them. I look forward to making several such contributions in the future.

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