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Rajesh Joshi
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I build a SaaS using React and Django

Guys, I build a SaaS for GYM Owners to manage their business in a paperless manner. I've added features like manage members, their subscriptions, batches, GYM memberships, and so on.

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Features to be added

  • Email notifications to members
  • WhatsApp notifications to members
  • Online Payment
  • Download data
  • Auto renew
  • Graphs

It's currently FREE to use.

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Web-app is called [GYM Slate]( (currently).

**Suggestions Are Welcomed** πŸ˜€

NOTE: Report at, if you find any bug.

Please have a look at the application and share your feedback in the comments, it means a lot to me.

Any promotions from your side will be highly appreciated.

Thank you guys πŸ˜‡

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David Mendoza (He/Him) • Edited

hey brother, I love the idea AND THE STACK
but if I may I would suggest you to try another UI Material Design is dying, not even google uses it anymore, after that I love your project

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Rajesh Joshi

Hey @mendoza thanks for the feedback. Your suggestion is really helpful. I'll definitely change the UI library soon.