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Frontend Development resources zero to Hero.

For HTML and CSS3

It Contains:

Front End Libraries Bootstrap and jQuery.

befoe jQuery I will highly recommend having adequate knowledge of JavaScript

Link to learn JavaScript for a beginner:

YouTube channels to follow:


  1. Traversy Media
  2. New Boston
  3. Codeacademy
  4. Thapa Technical (Hindi)
  5. Programming with mosh
  6. Web Dev simplified.
  7. Florin POP

Advance -

  1. Traversy Media
  2. Ben Awad
  3. Fireship
  4. Online Tutorials
  5. Florin POP
  6. Online Web Ustaad
  7. Codeevolution
  8. Javascript Mastery
  9. Code Drip

If someone wants to learn In-depth use this guide.

This is my personal list I've been using so far, you can filter out things as needed or can go from the beginning.

Your responses are very much appreciated, you can add something to the list that I am missing.

Edit: 05-May-2021 -> I changed title from "background dancer" to "Hero".

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