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Top MVP development Companies List to Build eCommerce Website

As the title suggests, I would share a list of top MVP development companies that have built numerous ecommerce websites over the years. First of all, Let’s get an overview of what an MVP is, its importance, and its features.

What is MVP?

The full form of MVP is a minimum viable product, and it is an initial version of a product (here an ecommerce website) with the required features to test the market.

Benefits of creating an eCommerce MVP

As MVP provides you with ground-zero feedback from the end-users, it helps us to-

• Test Viability
• Validate Investment
• Accelerate Development
• Save Capital
• Bring Agility
• Minimize Risk

List of top MVP development companies

  1. FATbit Technologies

FATbit Technologies is an MVP development company that assists aspiring entrepreneurs in validating their online business ideas. For entrepreneurs wanting to step into the eCommerce industry, FATbit, with its agile development process, is a reliable partner. It has created several eCommerce MVPs for niches such as rental, cab booking, food & grocery delivery, tutoring, etc.

Check their portfolio to make an informed decision.

In 2021, Clutch recognized FATbit as one of the world's Top 100 software development companies.

Country: India

Established In: 2004

Top Clients: Uni-Diamonds, Superlivery, Gearflow

Hourly Rate: $$


  1. Intelivita

Intelivita is an IT software development company that is known for developing efficient MVPs for startups. It works across various technologies, including machine learning, AR/VR, and blockchain. You can contact Intelivita to create several types of software such as mobile apps, mobile games, web apps, etc.
Country: India
Established in: 2014
Top Clients: FormAssist, AwayBack, Fantasy Ji
Hourly Rate: $$

  1. Confianz

Confianz is a reliable offshore and outsourcing software development company with a team of experienced professionals. Confianz is a renowned MVP development company providing its services in various industries like healthcare, eCommerce, insurance, etc.
Country: India
Established in: 2008
Top Clients: Grunt Style, Oeveo
Hourly Rate: $$

  1. UIG Studio

UIG Studio is an American MVP development company championing and developing software solutions for various businesses. Along with MVP, the team behind UIG Studio excels at prototyping as well. Some other services that it provides are mobile app development, web development, and GIS software development.
Country: Poland
Established in: 2013
Top Clients: Printbox, Audiobook
Hourly Rate: $$$

  1. Reinvently

With a decade of experience Reinvently, is another leading name in the IT industry. The team behind Reinvently believes in working streamlined and follows strategic deployment for its projects. Along with MVP, Reinvently also works on IOT powered apps and machine learning.
Country: USA
Established in: 2010
Top Clients: Profusa,
Hourly Rate: $$$


This post could be the best fit for those who are actively looking for the best MVP development company. I have listed the top five MVP development companies as per their portfolio, features, and cost. If you still have any further questions, please feel free to ask me.

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