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What is Hacktoberfest 2021?

Hacktoberfest 2021 is the 8th edition of Hacktoberfest hosted by DigitalOcean. It is an open source festival celebrated during October every year, encouraging people worldwide to actively participate and contribute to participating open source projects hosted across GitHub and GitLab.

In fact, Hacktoberfest 2020 had attracted 169,886 participants and 116,361 participating open source repositories, representing 135 countries.

You can simply register yourself here and start contributing to any participating open source project from Oct 01 - Oct 31. And if you meet the contribution criteria set by DigitalOcean, you’ll receive a Hacktoberfest t-shirt🤩 from DigitalOcean!

Additionally, if you make successful contributions to LoginRadius open source projects, you’ll separately receive a LoginRadius branded Hacktoberfest t-shirt from us, recognizing and thanking you for your valuable contributions.

How to Contribute?

The exciting part about being involved in the open source community is that no matter how small or big your contributions are, the community will welcome your efforts and collaborate with you positively, sharing feedback and expressing gratitude.

Especially with LoginRadius open source projects, your contributions can make a big difference! We also try making your collaboration with us more enjoyable.

Please note that only contributions that add significant value to our projects will be eligible for swag. This will be at our sole discretion. But you may go ahead and contribute in any way you would like.


. Git

. Github

. Forking a repository

. Creating a pull request

Win LoginRadius Branded Swag

By actively participating in Hacktoberfest, you make the open source community more sustainable, and, in turn, this makes you feel at home. Empowering one another is what best depicts the open source philosophy and is a reward in itself.

However, we want to make it more fun by sending cool t-shirts to all the accepted/eligible contributors. Just make sure to fill this form after you raise a pull request.

Don’t forget that your contributions to our projects also count towards your overall Hacktoberfest contributions calculated by DigitalOcean — and if you’re eligible, they’ll send you another t-shirt as well.

Let’s have fun with Hacktoberfest 2021!

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i am also mentor in the Hacktoberfest so feel free connect with me

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