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Thank you DEV! 💖

rakshakannu profile image Raksha Kannusami ・1 min read

I'm grateful for this community.
I'm grateful to you people who encourage me.
I'm grateful for all my friends who correct me.

I'm grateful for you who is reading this. ❤️

I wrote my first article on DEV on May 28, 2020, and in a span of 130 days I published 17 posts with 17K+ views, 1000 followers, and a whole lot of learning! 🎉

Thank you

Writing on this platform gave me an immense amount of learning, which I couldn't have got without DEV. Every topic I wrote about, helped me understand it deeply enough that would never forget about it.

I consider this just the beginning for me to get better at writing, learning more, and moreover helping people with the knowledge that I am gaining, one post at a time. 😊

I wish to learn more,
share more,
write more,
grow more.

Thank you again.

Do check out one of my posts which was most liked by you guys!😁

keep learning, keep coding, keep growing! 💖

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Raksha Kannusami


There is magic in code! 🌟 Constantly learning and sharing to get better at coding. 🎯


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Couldn't agree more.

I have not been as excited about joining a community/learning resource since Free Code Camp (which is my favorite learning platform of all-time).

The community-driven aspect of the platforms really shines and outweighs any of its features or anything else for me personally.


Awesome, congrats!!!. This DEV community is really awesome and enjoyable. Amazing vibes here!!. 😎💻


Stay awesome and inspired at all times ✨
I see a lot of great things for you in the future ❤