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Finally vacations. I really needed this. I was very energy less the last couple of weeks. I even think I was almost burned out. Naturally indie hacking and my sideprojects were the first things that I stopped doing. But now the time has come that I'm on vacation. My batteries are slowly recharging and I'm thinking about my side hustles again. I even have my macbook with me, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea to power it on during my holidays. But let's see.

I had some nice days on the beach and a lot of time to think. Here are some of the things that I came up with:


I want to get fucking good at ruby and rails. I looked at some job offers lately and all the jobs that really interested me had been ruby positions. And I was interested in ruby for a long time but never really took it seriously because I was more productive with different stacks (of course, because I never really took the time to dig deep into ruby/rails). But that is going to change now.

My wip shopify app

I'm going to port it to ruby on rails. Its current tech stack is nexjs-koa-knex-postgresql. Nextjs and koa are the recommended tools by shopify to build apps but I was never really satisfied with the dev experience. Let's see how it's going with rails.
I'm also probably going to shift the product a little bit. I originally planned an affiliate app. But I'm currently thinking to make it kind of a recimmendation app. But I have to think about this and do some research first.

Zero to sold

I'm currently reading zero to sold by arvid kahl. It's fantastic. I'm just at the beginning if the book but it already made me think so much. I'm currently thinking hard about niches I could build a product for. At the moment teachers and hobby tournament plannersare my favourites.

Rails learning projects

As I already said I'm going to get really really good at rails. So I need some learning projects. As Indon't have a proper internet connection here at the beach on a campsite, I can't really work on my shopify app. In case that I will open up my macbook, I will start a fresh rails project just for fun and learning purposes. Perhaps I will start a prototype of the tournament planning software I have in mind. But this will be a very big project so I'm not sure if it's suited as a learning project. I have to think a little more about it..

That's it for part one of my indie hacking vacation.
I'm pretty active on twitter and my DMs are always open. So feel free to connect with me on twitter https://twitter.com/RalliPi.


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