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Going Multi-Regional in Google Cloud Platform

For a successful business, it is important to know who your customers are. Knowing your customers helps to understand your business better, build better versions of your ideas, and can make effective decisions for the successful long run. Everyone knows it right!

When it comes to software infrastructure, it remains important. Knowing your customers greatly improves the performance of your application, makes it more resilient, after all, no one likes to wait for the response :)

Okay getting to the point, if your services are being used by a wide range of audiences across the globe, but your servers are located within a single region, then your users from other parts of the world are going to experience high latency resulting in bad user experience. Several case studies are proving why faster response time is very important for business,

  • Why Performance Matters
  • Mobile Site Speed Performance,
  • Google, Amazon, and many other big software giants confirm several milliseconds(ms) increase in latency can degrade user engagement greatly.

Let's go for an example, GCP ping is a simple website which makes a ping request to servers located in various regions, and show result ordered by low latency.


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