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Hosting Blazor on Netlify using Github Actions (Part 2 of Series)

This series introduces hosting Blazor WebAssembly on Netlify using Github Actions. Previously, in part 1, we have created a Blazor WebAssembly Project using Visual Studio 2019. In part 2 of this series we will use Visual Studio 2019 to set up Github Project.

Create Github Project repository from Visual Studio 2019.

  1. In your Visual Studio 2019 toolbar select Add to Source Control > Git. This will initialize a git repository and adds all the files to the local git repository Add to Source Control
  2. Select Team Explorer from the right hand sidebar. Click on Publish to Github Team Explorer
  3. You have to enter your Github Credentials in Connect To Github window. I am using my Github personal profile. Enter username/password and click Sign in button. Connect To Github
  4. Enter your desired repository name and an optional description. Click Publish. Publish to Github
  5. When the repository is successfully pushed you should see an information alert Repository created successfully in Team Explorer side bar. Repository created successfully
  6. The published repository can be accessed from BlazorOnNetlify BlazorOnNetlify Github repo

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