My favorite CLI tools

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Get started

brew install htop jq bat exa prettyping diff-so-fancy

The tools explained a bit.

htop a more advanced top alternative.
alias top="htop"

bat - a fancy cat with syntax highlight
alias cat="bat --theme=1337"

alias ping="prettyping --nolegend"


alias ls=exa
alias ll="exa -l"
example ls -la --git

alias diff=diff-so-fancy

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I honestly wish more people would add a hint about their environment to the tags or the title. DEV seems to be populated by users who can't imagine that anyone doesn't use macOS. :-/


I see where you're coming from toxor, but a quick search through the repos shows they're all nix compatible, as with many cli tools. Aside from the package manager (which differs between OS's and often distros), usually most things are compatible or there are linux alternatives. Building from source is often an option as well, if you're feeling amphibious.


Must check the fish shell, have any cool links to check?

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