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Hasse R. Hansen
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My MacOS menubar

Let us share some of our menubars on our MacOS?


Better touch Tool for window positions and some gestures
JetbrainsToolbox for PHPStorm
Some istat menu network / cpu and mem info
Viscosity VPN
Rocket (emoji)
KeepingYouAwake (dont sleep display)
a lot of boring MacOS defualt icons

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ItsASine (Kayla)

My work computer:

  • Jetbrains Toolbox for Webstorm, IntelliJ, PyCharm, and DataGrip
  • Magnet, so intuitive snapping of windows to different sizes. Also, shortcuts for weirder sizes like taking up a certain third of the screen.
  • Captain, which is a good at a glance way to see what docker containers are up and running
  • Alfred, because everyone needs a butler
  • 1Password, because I got annoyed not having my passwords on my work computer, so I caved and installed it despite my personal rule of no personal data on the work computer. It's too convenient not to.
  • Wifi, Battery level with % remaining, Weekday Month Day Hour:Minute:Second A/PM
  • Bartender, which keeps all the other stuff I don't care about as much but want to have around

In Bartender:

  • Spotlight
  • Docker
  • Citrix Receiver

My home computer is very similar but no Docker and a lot more miscellaneous stuff in Bartender.