MacOS Dark mode - or not

ramlev profile image Hasse R. Hansen ・1 min read

I have tested the new dark mode, and after a week or so, went back to normal light mode. A lot of apps doesn't support, html emails often makes a white background and most websites is white.

What are your thoughts about dark mode?


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It is everything I have ever hoped for, though granted, I don't use many apps, I guess.

JetBrains has always been dark mode.

Chrome I keep fairly dark through extensions.

1Password integrates with system settings so it persists my dark preference.

As does Airmail.

And now every system menu is dark.

I absolutely adore it <3 The update almost fried my hard drive (backups, people!) but I ended up accidentally fixing that, so now everything is perfect and happy.


Yeah, I haven't had a big problem switching between dark editor/terminal and light sites, so it shouldn't be a problem for me. Though I haven't upgraded yet.

We want to get around to adding a dark mode on dev.to, which should help for all.


Not to try bribing you or anything, but DEV dark mode would certainly help motivate me to work through my To Read list before bed

Screenshot of ItsASine's To Read list


So I noticed something the other day, I apologize if ours already been stated, the tint of the dark mode changes with the wallpaper. So if you have a cooler toned wallpaper the windows will be a cooler dark. And of the wallpaper is warmer the windows will have a warmer, more brownish tone.


I don't like Apple's implementation of dark mode. Coming to MacBook from Gnome 3 on Linux, they just can't seem to nail it like Gnome can. In Gnome there are no "unsupported" apps. Dark mode was implementated globally regardless of individual app support. It just works. I stick to light mode in macos.


Hey themes in gnome or any other Linux is well integrated unlike Mac or windows. I love the dark mood on Mojave but it's not connecting up with all the windows and system elements.


I actually just switched to light mode today. Mostly because the space I am in is pretty bright so it was harder to see.

I would like the OS to automatically switch to dark mode at night.


I switched back to light mode last night and I'm not sure if it's the switch between light and dark apps/websites or not, but I feel like I get less tired using light mode.


For years I used dark theme in editor and terminal, the more or less 1 year I prefer theme light, in macOS am not using dark theme