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The Best Browser For Developers - Blisk Browser Review πŸš€

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To all my Developer Friends, In this short video, I'm sharing with you a special browser which is built specially for Web Developers, Designers, Testers, etc. called Blisk 🀯

Blisk is a Web Browser and it allows users to test any website on multiple modern and latest devices like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, etc. at the same time πŸ”₯

Blisk is built on top of Chromium so it supports all the features of Google Chrome so we can call it as Google Chrome for Developers πŸ¦„

Blisk Browser's Multi-Device Testing 😻

Blisk Browser's Feature Demo

That's a GIF showcasing Blisk Browser's Multi-Device Test Feature. Amazing, right? 🀯

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