My Journey To Become A Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate

ramonparedes profile image Ramón Paredes Updated on ・1 min read

Ok, here is the thing, to achieve my goal and have fun doing it, I've decided to start blogging and sharing my journey, imitating all my favorites YouTubers and bloggers, I hope it turns out to be like in the movies: easy and awesome.

A little bit of context of the reason why I've decided to do this: all my life I had problems trying to keep what I've read in my memory, in order to overcome that problem I started to write summaries of everything I study, It's difficult for me to memorize something without practicing or writing it.

I'll be sharing my notes starting this week with a series of articles on dev.to and medium.com going through all the free documentation I can find, wish me luck.

At last, apologies for the rusty English and keep in mind this will be my first time writing posts, constructive criticism will be well-received, thanks in advance for reading.


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