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Is it possible to create a blog using Gridsome without code?

Hello guys,

Ready for my noob question?

About to start a new blog and tired of WordPress wanted to do a test and check if I could use Gridsome and some theme and not require much programming.

I've been seeing that I could use netfly or AWS and do without node.

I wonder if there is any way to integrate or buy a theme and in a few clicks can use Gridsome.

Thank you all for taking this time to read and answer this NOOB consultation.

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Gift Egwuenu

Hi Ramon. It depends on what your choice is. With Gridsome they are starters you can choose from and in no time you have a blog running.

But you'll still need to know how to find your way around the code if and when you need to customize it to fit your needs.

Shameless Plug: I made a starter and I think it'll suit you if you want to create a blog with minimal design.

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Tyler V. (he/him)

TL;DR: Yes, if you can find a starter you like

With something like Gridsome, you can spin up a starter and use that as your starting point and customize it from there.

If you're migrating from Wordpress, you can even hook your site up to pull information from WordPress and use that as your backend (assuming you find a starter you like - although there appears to only be 1 Wordpress starter currently on Gridsome's list [linked below])!

Gridsome Starters