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SEO:React or Vue.js?

ramonpons93 profile image Ramón Pons ・1 min read

Hey guys,

I'm very sorry to create a post for something that has probably been dealt with at the moment, but I couldn't find it.

Currently I want to make an ecommerce that sells only one product, and I have proposed to use React, Gatsby or Vue.js to make it extremely fast and customizable. Besides a modern technology.
What worries me is that I have read that I need a pre-rendered (nuxt) and some other things.

Someone could recommend a reading or share a guideline to know what things to take into account for the SEO to be "perfect"? or "SEO-FRIENDLY"?

In addition, I want to traction visits through the blog, and as I explained earlier in a comment, I was recommended Gatsby or Gridsome in case I use Vue.js. Do I have anything else to keep in mind?

It would be great if someone could pass me a mini guide with all the recommendations for Google to love my website.

Really, thank you very much for your answers. I have a lot to learn from you guys.

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Greetings and welcome to Dev.to! You may want to add the help tag to indicate to others that you're looking for assistance.

As for Gatsby and Gridsome, I believe both should be fine as far as SEO is concerned. Both use SEO-friendly HTML and offer plugins/features to improve your SEO.

Gatsby even has a blog post about it: gatsbyjs.org/docs/seo/ !


Thank you,

So Gatsby and Gridsome are pretty similar?


Yep! Gridsome adds onto Vue the way Gatsby adds onto React. Choosing between them comes down to which framework you want to use.

You can see what Gridsome has to say about the differences here: gridsome.org/docs#alternatives

  • Gatsby and Next are React-based static site generator (to be precise, the latter can work as either server-side rendered web app OR export as static site).
  • Gridsome is a Vue-based static site generator.

As static site generators, they all output regular HTML, CSS, and JS. So as long as you follow SEO best practices in your code, your choice of tool would not affect your SEO.

Further references:

developers.google.com/search/docs/... (read the whole series)