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AWS Creating an EC2 Instance

Ramu Ummadishetty
Backend developer
Updated on ・2 min read

EC2 stands for Amazon Elastic Compute cloud.Simple way you will get a VM in the cloud just like your PC.
Advantage of this EC2 is scalable computing capacity, can launch as many as virtual servers as you required.

Now will see how to configure EC2 in AWS
Before configuration make sure that you have sign up in AWS

click on services on top left and click on EC2 under compute section
Alt Text

click on launch instance
Alt Text

Here in the search box please search and select for your required operating system that needed to be present in the instance
Alt Text
Choose instance type based on your requirement
and click on next: configure instance details present below

select your required region and number of instance and click on add storage
Alt Text

select the storage and click on add tag
Alt Text

click on add new tag name
Alt Text

Here configure your security group like click on add rule and add what ever the protocols you needed
Alt Text

click on review and launch instance
create new .pem file like it creates public key and private key
where you download private key which is used for connecting to instance from your machine
Alt Text
make sure that you .pem file only works for the selected region instance only
click on launch instance

Again click on service , EC2 and click on running instances

Alt Text

select and click on connect on top

Alt Text

You will find ssh client and ssh cmd
Alt Text

use that in your git bash or terminal to connect to server
Make sure you use 'sudo' if you get permission denied error

Note: Please select free instance if you are new to AWS

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