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Rao Hammas
Rao Hammas

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UWP, WinUI 2.3, WinUi 3.0 or WPF With Net Core Where to go?

Being straight forward, As a noob developer right now i'm so much confused about all these platforms and windows apps building options.

I've experience with WPF apps but want to go with modern UWP but seeing all these different options creating so much confusion for me.

  1. Go with WPF (Has Net Core support) but as everyone know Microsoft's
    doesn't seems to be really serious about WPF in future.

  2. Go with UWP apps (i don't see Net Core support and WinUI getting rid of this)

  3. Go with UWP with WinUI 2.3 have all modern experience (still don't see Net Core here)

  4. Go with WinUI 3.0 Alpha (Still missing a lot of the things also Net core missing).

So, basically on one side there is Dot Net Core (which Microsoft wants developer to go with) on Other side Modern UI (Which also Microsoft wants developer to go with).

And if now i want to start developing a commercial app in which direction should i go ?

I know WinUI future plan is broad and will cover all this having win32 support and Core but right now, today where to go ?

Is this not the right time to start developing a new app ?

Will appreciate your help and guidance .

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Colin Kiama • Edited

I'm a bit biased but I would say a good thing to do would be to write a UWP app with the latest WinUI.

When WinUI 3.0 is ready, you should be able to easily migrate to a WinUI 3.0 desktop app (if you need to go out of the sandbox).

By that time, you'll already be completely familiar with the presentation code used for WinUI 3.0 (Since it's pretty similar to UWP XAML)

Also: Feel free to join us at the UWP Discord 😉:

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Rao Hammas

So, i should go with WinUi 3.0 i guess ?

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Colin Kiama


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Eric Ouellet • Edited

I develop with WPF for 10 years now and I feel that I totally lost where Microsoft go. I think they are too. It's the most freeking fuck up ever : WPF -UWP - WinUI - Core - Xamarin. No one can tell where they are going and what is the future. One day it's UWP, the other day it's Core, then it's WinUI, and suddlenly they tell you WPF is still there and supported. The absolute cloud, the most dense fog you will ever seen in your life!!!

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Andrew Nosenko

Indeed it can be confusing, especially given that what Microsoft recommend using and what they're using themselves are often quite different technologies. And things don't look good for WPF nowadays, I've recently blogged about it.

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Strypper Vandel Jason

Think about it Microsoft think they could get away with x86 architecture for more 10 years until Apple drop the M1 Boom to the Market. The under architecture of Win32 can't never be as "NATIVE" as WinRT which were designed specifically for Windows Phone ARM based

Support Win7 🤮 ? if you consider making a new desktop app why not consider bring it to Windows On ARM, Hololens and everything in Windows 10 ?
Some special Win32 API ? There are REASONS why Microsoft trying to move all of us to WinRT based beacuse LEGACY WIN32 API is OLD and UNSECURED. Technologies from time to time need involved with modern policies and WIN32 BROKE THEM. While android and IOS prevent screenshot API some Government apps was forced to dev in IOS BECAUSE OF SECURITY

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Stick with WPF but target .NET Core - Or should I say .NET 5.0 - All this why you wait for WINUI to be released ( Last expectation is 1st quarter of 2021) - In my mind once you know XAML and most of the controls you know any version of XAML. My Experience is that UWP is really not being used in the corporate world, in fact is being shunned , is more like a hippie I wanna to be like Apple mood.

IF you are Developing for the WINDOWS OS - like I am - stick to proven and Resilient