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Add #puppet tag

raphink profile image Raphaël Pinson Updated on ・1 min read

It would be great to attract more DevOps-related content to dev.to. With a few other people, I've started blogging about Puppet and would really appreciate if it could become an official tag!


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You can email yo@dev.to and ask to moderate that tag. Then it will become an official tag.


Hey there!

The DEV Tag Moderator program gives trusted users the ability to help organise content across dev.to, making DEV users’ feeds more relevant and the site easier to navigate.

Tag mods work together with each other and DEV staff to ensure that content on the site is tagged appropriately, while also politely educating DEV users on how to follow tag guidelines.

  • Remove/add tags that they moderate from/to certain posts
  • Update their tag's sidebar (i.e. add a description, submission guideline, etc).
  • Update their tag's 'pretty name' and colours.
  • In addition, tag moderators are also considered community moderators and have additional privileges listed in the Community Moderation Guide.

If you're interested in becoming a community or tag moderator, please email yo@dev.to!


I would like to see this tag be a thing as well. I also just realized that tags from my blog weren't making their way to dev.to. Will have to investigate that!