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Rapyd Developer Newsletter: February, 2022

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Sam Newman, Where We Are Going We Don't Need Servers /devTalks
In this on-demand Rapyd DevTalk join the community as we hear from Sam Newman while he talks about the serverless future.

RapydBytes: Save Card Details During Checkout Process /videos
Learn how to generate the hosted checkout page, save card details while making a payment, test in Postman, retrieve customer details, and list payments.

How to verify Webhook Signature with PHP script? /community
See what the community is talking about with our collect and disburse API.

Apple Pay /docs
Apple Pay is now available to EU clients that have iOS, iPadOS, and macOS users using Safari.

Save Card Details (toolkit) /docs
Embed the Save Card Details Toolkit into your webpage for a seamless user flow.


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The Client Portal has been redesigned to reflect an improved customer experience, a more modern look, and faster performance. See Client Portal Guide for more information.

The Card to Card Payment has been updated to add the ability to reuse destination cards and transfer funds to saved cards. Rapyd’s Card to Card Payment method moves funds from one cardholder to another. Refer to Card to Card Payments or Card to Card object for more information.

Rapyd Verify is now available to clients domiciled in the UK to gather business details for KYB (Know Your Business) verification. Refer to Hosted Page Use Case for more information.


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