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Rapyd Developer Newsletter: December, 2021

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97 Things Every Programmer Should Know /videos
Find ways to live your best developer life in this Rapyd Developer YouTube video with Kevlin Henney.

How to Integrate Checkout Using Python /videos
Learn how to integrate Rapyd Hosted Checkout into your shopping cart.

How Avi Built the Ultimate Checkout Experience /posts
Read what a cybersecurity expert, hackathons, and hosted solutions have in common.

Languages for Hosted Pages /community
Retrieve the most updated supported languages with a GET request.  
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Client Portal: Request Payment Methods - Updates to improve how clients request access to payment methods based on country and category rather than one specific payment method.

Reports and Reconciliation: Interchange - Enhancements to interchange reporting to now offer more detailed client reports with a breakdown of each card network transaction and interchange fees.


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