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Nikita Gazarov
Nikita Gazarov

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Laminar – Smooth UI Development with Scala.js

I have previously shared my path to building Laminar, a library for building reactive user interfaces with Scala.js:

I've now recorded a comprehensive video introduction to Laminar. I tried my best to make the core ideas accessible to a broad audience including both Scala and Javascript developers while keeping the video at a reasonable...ish length.

The video covers:

  • Basic structure and examples of Laminar components
  • Core ideas and principles behind Laminar
  • Benefits and challenges of FRP / observables
  • Comparison with React and virtual DOM
  • Integration with React and Web Components

Check it out if you're interested in typesafe UI development, are looking for something better or simpler (for a certain definition of the word) than React, or if you're just curious about non-traditional UI architectures.

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Saul Alonso Palazuelos

i’m glad this its pure FRP and native Scala.js