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Ravern Koh
Ravern Koh

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The database that can store the Internet

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could save the entire Internet into a database? Well, you can now do so! Infinite exploits a simple loophole in your operating system to enable you to store an infinite amount of data, without using a single byte.

How it works

A file contains data, which is measured in bytes. If a file contains Hello!, it takes up 7 bytes (remember to count the newline character). If a file contains Bye bye~, it takes up 9 bytes. Simple.

Now what if a file contains nothing? How many bytes would the file take up? That's right, 0! But a file can still store data, even if it contains nothing. Where? In its name of course! If we store data in its name, we can now have a file that stores data, but contains nothing, and thus takes up 0 bytes!

Here, have some evidence.


I like it!

The source code for this project can be found here. Feel free to give it a ⭐️ and use it in production πŸ€ͺ!

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Frank Rosner

Haha way to go! I once thought about writing a database with unlimited write-throughput scalability called /dev/null/db. Writing a value would simply write to /dev/null. Reading a key would return from /dev/random so if you distribute you can read and write without any coordination, being eventually consistent. But your project is way better :D

Gave me a good laugh :)

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Ravern Koh

Thanks! Your idea is pretty hilarious too haha :D