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Ravgeet Dhillon
Ravgeet Dhillon

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Create a Balance Reminder with Vonage Account API and Google Apps

Being a freelancer, I have helped a couple of local businesses in India implement Vonage products. Recently, one of my clients asked if they can get a reminder email when the Vonage balance is below a specified limit as they don't want to hamper their operations because of insufficient balance. Almost all of my clients use Google Workspace, so I decided to create an integration of Vonage and Google Apps Script to create this workflow.

Google Apps Script allows us to manage all of Google apps using one platform in the cloud. The best part is that the authentication is baked into the platforms and many businesses in the market use Google Workspace – formerly known as G-Suite.

In this blog post, you'll learn how to create custom notifications when your Vonage Account balance is below a specified limit. The post is aimed at those Vonage developers who want to manage their client base effectively by sending them reminders about the Vonage Account balance.

Read the full blog on Vonage.

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