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2 X Performance case studies, mobile experience, and scaling to 100k users

Hi folks,

Welcome to Performance Matters. Do you want to see the impact of the performance improvements you make over time? Raygun Real User Monitoring has a new line graph to help you do exactly that. Check it out here.

We love seeing case studies on improving performance. This week, we have two—how Raygun improved performance by 83%, and how eCommerce giant Allegro uses ESLint to improve performance for 21 million registered accounts.


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Highlighting great user experiences on the mobile web

Chrome will begin to highlight high-quality user experiences on the web, starting with the labeling of fast links via the link context menu on Chrome for Android.

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Improving Raygun by 84%

Learn how we improved the performance of a React component by 83.8% using RUM.

Diagnosing front-end issues

Using ESLint for app performance

Making a site like Allegro work requires a lot of engineering. Here's how they use ES Lint to improve performance.

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Single-line software bug causes fledgeling YAM cryptocurrency to implode just two days after launch

A two-day-old decentralized cryptocurrency called YAM collapsed on Wednesday after its creators revealed that a software bug had effectively vetoed human governance.

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Scaling to 100k users

Lessons from the community on scaling to 100k users inspired by a blog post on startup engineering by Alex Pareto.

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The scariest bug I haven't written

This short video is an ode to the most terrifying software bug...the one you haven't written yet.

Listen for the gratuitous guitar solo from the team at Coding Blocks

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