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Scaling with .NET Core, Shopify's rewrite, and we turn 50 πŸ₯³

Hi folks,

Welcome to the 50th edition of Performance Matters πŸ₯³ Thanks so much for joining us on this journey and being a valued member of the performance community.

This week, we have a special live deployment tracking webinar focused on performance, we take a look at how Raygun handles hundreds of millions of JS files per month, Shopify's rewrite, and a whole lot more.


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How Raygun scaled their architecture using .NET Core 3 and Linux

Take a look at how the engineering team at Raygun rebuilt their sourcemaps worker from the ground up in order to dramatically increase throughput, save costs, and delete 32TB of data 😱

How to process hundreds of millions of JS files

Shopify – 4x faster with a rewrite

Learn how Shopify reduced response times, increased resilience and capacity, and invested in their future.

See the end result

How fast should your site load?

Go ask Google and you see that 2–5 seconds does the trick... or is it more complicated than that?

Why the answer shouldn't be fixed


Google users frustrated by major worldwide outage

Experts have claimed that this is the largest failure of Google’s services in its 16-year history.

Google's largest outage in history


The fastest JSON parsers in the world

Daniel Lemire shares Version 0.5 bosting better performance under Visual Studio, a new UTF-8 validator (lookup4), better support for C++20, and more...

Read the thread and check out GitHub

Webinar: Live deployments and performance tracking

Learn first-hand how to seamlessly configure deployments, identify issues, and track performance gains.

Watch live performance monitoring

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