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Search engines, speed tests, and debugging at Google

Hey folks,

Welcome back to Performance Matters 👋 This week, we're inspired by Google's announcement that page experience signals would be included in Google Search ranking from May 2021. This should come as no surprise, but it's a timely reminder to keep pushing for speed and adopting new performance metrics.

We've also released Raygun's October launch notes if you want to catch up on what we've been shipping 🚀


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Web performance and search engines

There is a lot of talk about web performance as a ranking signal in Search Engines and how important or not it is, but often people are overlooking how performance affects multiple phases of a search engine such as crawling, rendering, and indexing.

Take a look beyond ranking

Reducing variability in metrics

This article looks at three different websites and investigates how much running tests 1, 3, 5, or 7 times reduces variability.

Find your average speed

Getting fast and staying there

Getting fast is difficult, staying fast even more so. How do successful companies ensure that their site speed stays at peak?

Maintain your speed


Debugging incidents in Google's distributed systems

Learn how engineers at Google debug production issues, including the types of tools, high-level strategies, and low-level tasks that engineers use in varying combinations to debug effectively.

Google's debugging workflow


Npm's new public roadmap and feedback process

Npm is the world’s largest package registry, powering the world’s largest development community—JavaScript. Their new public roadmap and feedback process takes their collaboration with the community to a whole new level.

Npm's open lines of communication

Raygun's launch notes

Tech Leaders’ Panel, spike protection, and more. Catch up on all the updates in our monthly launch notes.

See what we've been working on

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