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Shifting left on the SDLC, .NET 5 improvements, and the Slack sequel

Hi folks,

Welcome back to another edition of Performance Matters. If you're a Ruby dev, you'll be happy to hear that our Ruby APM beta is now LIVE! We're always looking for more beta testers and would love to hear your valuable feedback.

This week, hear from our CEO, John-Daniel Trask, about the importance of shifting left in the SDLC, further improvements to .NET 5, and the sequel to Slack's terrible, no-good, very bad day.


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APM isn't just for Ops: Shifting Left and supercharging your developers

Hear directly from the CEO of Raygun, John-Daniel Trask, why the monitoring industry has been discussing shifting left on the SDLC.

What this means for you

.NET 5 perf improvements

Releasing later this year, .NET 5 is already seeing a wealth of performance improvements.

Read about them

All hands on deck at Slack

Last week we covered an article outlining a very, very bad day at Slack. Learn how they responded to it.

Learn from their mistakes


Spotify, Pinterest, Tinder, and others crash due to Facebook issue

Multiple big-name applications were crashing this week due to a now resolved issue involving Facebook log-ins.

Find out what happened


Simpsons against DevOps

This week we're wanting to hopefully bring a smile to your face by shouting out a comedy page that pokes fun at DevOps... with daily Simpsons memes 🤔

Have a chuckle

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