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Shopify's performance tips, optimizing CLS, & the impact of performance on the environment

Hi folks,

Welcome back to another edition on Performance Matters! This week we have a special offer for all you Heroku users. For a limited time we're offering a free Real User Monitoring account via the Marketplace – just email us for an invite.

In this edition, we've got Shopify's top tips for improving site performance, optimizing CLS, performances impact on energy consumption, and more!


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Shopify - The relation to site performance and conversions

Shopify has come out with an article showing the immense impact on site performance and speed. Find out what their step-by-step process is for improving performance on e-commerce sites.

How they do it

Optimizing for CLS while loading more content asynchronously

A low Cumulative Layout Shift is a customer-centric metric for measuring user experience.

Make it work for you

The impact of performance on energy consumption

Did you ever realize performance has an environmental impact? Read the full paper on its true implications.

The real impact


High severity bug in Bitcoin software revealed 2 years after fix

This previously undisclosed bug could have wreaked havoc on Bitcoin and the cryptomarket as a whole. Funds could have been stolen, settlements delayed or even split the blockchain network into conflicting versions

Find out what happened


How one dev applied for a tech job using a POST request

It's becoming harder and harder to stand out from the crowd in the busy job market, but one innovative developer has done just that.

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