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Alexa notifies you when someone stars your repository

My Workflow

The workflow is a silly one, for vain individuals who want to know when people are starring their code on github! This isn't a published marketplace action, just something spun up in a workflow, so there's no official name... I'll just go with the name of: On Repository Starred - get a notification on your Alexa device(s). This isn't being used anywhere except for the repository I created for submissions to this hackathon.

Submission Category:

Interesting IoT

Yaml File or Link to Code

Action YAML file

Additional Resources / Info

All this required was an http request, so used an existing action to accomplish this. On the Alexa side, what's required is adding the skill Notify Me. With the skill added, all you have to do is say "Alexa, open notify me" - and the app will send you an email with the secret required to get this running. Add the secret to your github secrets, and craft a custom message in the json body to get your notification. The message I've made in the code says who starred which repository (yes, you could add this to multipe repos). Your Alexa device will only make a sound when a notification is received, you have to ask to read or hear your notifications to actually listen to the response.

This is kind of a silly example - if your repository becomes popular and you're getting a lot of stars you probably don't want to hear that many notifications! Others have already made an IFTTT action, which could be used to kickoff processes for any of your other smart devices with relatively little hassle... think, you could flash your hue lights red when an issue is created, or maybe play the final fantasy victory song when a milestone gets completed.

Happy coding :-)

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