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VBA Resources

Hi everyone,

I am looking to get into learning VBA specifically for Access and Excel. Does anyone have solid sources that they could recommend whether it be videos or work-alongs?

Thank you in advance,

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Vitosh Academy

The MSDN is actually quite a good reference: is the ex-documentation of StackOverflow. It was good, but they have removed it. Still, for VBA the articles are quite nice:

Although it looks rather old, this is quite a nice site, where plenty of #VBA people leaned from:

This is my own blog, I usually blog once per week for C#, VBA and books. The articles are not related to each other, their main idea is to help me (or whoever is looking at them) to solve a specific problem:

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Christopher McClellan • Edited

Chip Pearson’s site is one of the best resources on the web for learning VBA. Chip (RIP) taught several generations of us how to code.

VBA4All is also a great resource, but you’ll unfortunately need to use the internet archive version.

I would also check out the Rubberduck VBA blog. Rubberduck is an add-in for the VBA Editor, but the maintainer, Mat, often writes about how to write clean and maintainable VBA.

Lastly, I’d recommend reading my older blog posts, back from when I was still working with VBA and helping Mat build Rubberduck.

I don’t work with VBA anymore, so I haven’t written about it in a while, but learning it (and subsequently C# for Rubberduck) is what launched my career in software. Good luck!

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notepad-clip • Edited

Notepad here you will find articles that will help you solve problems in your notepad
thank you hopefully can help you!