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The MSDN is actually quite a good reference: is the ex-documentation of StackOverflow. It was good, but they have removed it. Still, for VBA the articles are quite nice:

Although it looks rather old, this is quite a nice site, where plenty of #VBA people leaned from:

This is my own blog, I usually blog once per week for C#, VBA and books. The articles are not related to each other, their main idea is to help me (or whoever is looking at them) to solve a specific problem:


Chip Pearson’s site is one of the best resources on the web for learning VBA. Chip (RIP) taught several generations of us how to code.

VBA4All is also a great resource, but you’ll unfortunately need to use the internet archive version.

I would also check out the Rubberduck VBA blog. Rubberduck is an add-in for the VBA Editor, but the maintainer, Mat, often writes about how to write clean and maintainable VBA.

Lastly, I’d recommend reading my older blog posts, back from when I was still working with VBA and helping Mat build Rubberduck.

I don’t work with VBA anymore, so I haven’t written about it in a while, but learning it (and subsequently C# for Rubberduck) is what launched my career in software. Good luck!


Notepad here you will find articles that will help you solve problems in your notepad
thank you hopefully can help you!

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