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Webstorm Plugins for React Developers

Programming React apps on Webstorm can be quite enjoyable.

Webstorm, out of the box has over 50 plugins pre-installed.

So hunting for new plugins wasn't entirely necessary given I still wrestle with Prettier from time to time.

I created this video discussing 6 plugins for Webstorm.

The thumbnail photo is a splice of 2 different themes from the Material UI Theme plugin: Palenite and Monokai.

Material UI Theme is great so far offering some interesting UI updates like icons and overall a full system UI redesign including loading menus.

I did not know there was a Styled-components plugin, offering syntax highlighting for CSS inside templates!

Rainbow brackets I installed recently but I'm unsure if it will stay around. What this plugin does is color the matching parenthesis, brackets or <> differently, so if you have a bunch of nested HTML elements or arrow functions you should be able to read them easier.

Next I'm interested in checking out VSCode's plugins.

What are your favorite IDE Plugins?

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Joe Maffei

It would be great to get a list of the plugins instead of having to watch a 14+ minute video.

metruzanca profile image
Samuele Zanca

Wonder why an entirely Webstorm post is tagged with #vscode...

react_school profile image

Hey Samuele, terribly sorry to provide you with irrelevant content like this. I didn't see webstorm as an auto-complete tag so I assumed it didn't exist and figured VSCode users wouldn't mind contributing to my post. I've learned my lesson, and changed the tag to webstorm. Thanks so much for your insight!

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