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ReactEurope 2020 schedule is up with a new discovery track and more!

We're super excited to announce that our schedule for the 2020 edition is now available online. We will have the co-creator of GraphQL, CodeSandbox, Next.js, MaterialUI, react-spring, Amplify, BuilderX, Expo Web, Parcel.js and more!

Many thanks again to everyone who sent a proposal, they were of such high quality that we added a second Discovery track on day 2. ReactEurope will remain a single track on the first day, many of you always tell us that is something they like about the conference but we also have many people asking for more options so we think we found the right balance with a second track on the day 2 afternoon (should be extended to morning too soon).

Here are the great talks and speakers we will have, make sure to follow all the speakers too:

  • John Adetutu will give the keynote and be the conference MC. He wrote the react-spring hooks API and loves contributing to open source. He will talk about hooks, the state of React and more.

  • David McCabe will talk about "State Management for Today's React". David works on data visualization tools for performance and efficiency data at Facebook and will present an approach to state management that scales from a single component to highly complex apps. This boilerplate-free system makes it easy to support browser history and URLs and to manage asynchronous data dependencies, and works with modern React features.

  • Erik Rasmussen will talk about how Render Props are Not Dead. There is still some value that render props can provide that hooks cannot. This talk explores that use case so that you can learn to recognize the scenario and deploy render props intelligently.

  • Josh Comeau will talk about you to integrate 3D to your site and more.

  • Devon Govett will talk about building a design system with accessibility, internationalization, cross device (mouse/touch) support and themeability in mind.

  • Alex Holachek will talk about Building Mobile-Optimized Websites in React and going beyond Responsive Design.

  • Paul Henschel will talk about bringing WebGL to React with react-three-fiber.

  • Tim Neutkens will talk about the latest and future of Next.js

  • Lee Byron will talk about what's coming next to GraphQL

  • Evan Bacon will show us what you can do with Expo, React Native Web and more.

  • Michel Westsrate will tell us about Flipper: The Extensible DevTool Platform for React Native.

  • Satyajit Sahoo and Michał Osadnik will be showing us how to do Cross-platform routing in React Navigation

  • Ives van Hoorne will talk CodeSandbox.

  • David Bismut, maintainer of react-use-gesture will show us How to integrate react-spring in your site for a slick experience.

  • Omri Bruchim will show us how to do React Native at scale.

  • Sanket Sahu will talk nocode and Building a Design Tool for React in React

  • Jan Kleinert will explain how Kubernetes works using React and music!

  • Nicolas DUBIEN, the author of fast-check, will show us how to detect the unexpected in React applications.

  • Chris Sauve from Shopify will show us how to do React on Workers

  • Tadeu Zagallo from Apple will talk about JavaScript ∩ WebAssembly.

  • Korotaev Alexander will talk Gamedev on React + WebGL

  • Lukonde Mwila will show us how to do React Hooks By Building An Auth Based To Do App

  • Richard Threlkeld, lead-team at Amplify will talk Data sync for realtime or offline apps with React and GraphQL

  • Shruti Kapoor will talk VR and React

  • Sidhartha Chatterjee, core-team member at Gatsby will talk Gatsby's roadmap and its future

  • Olivier Tassinari, MaterialUI V1 co-creator will talk about to build complex components for MaterialUI

Charly Poly will be MC'ing the discovery track and Gerard Sans will help host our round tables sessions (more info on this later).

That's it for now!

We are happy to be able to accept more talks this year thanks to the bigger venue. We will also have lightning talks and a few more surprises to announce soon.

Make sure to get your ticket here if you haven't already.

Cheers and see you all soon!

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