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How aligned is GraphQL to your business needs?

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GraphQL can help product engineering teams build products much faster. Companies like Facebook or Airbnb use it not only to optimize data fetching in their applications but also to optimize how product engineering teams work. In other words, giant tech companies use GraphQL to deliver better software, faster. This is nothing new, new technology gives a competitive advantage to those who successfully implement it first.

“Airbnb is Moving 10x Faster at Scale with GraphQL” - Adam Neary Software Engineer at Airbnb

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If Airbnb is moving 10x faster with GraphQL, why can't your company do it too? Telling the stakeholders of a company to invest in new technology meets three main challenges:

1) It takes courage

2) Implementing it takes time and good planning

3) It’s risky since the ROI can be unpredictable

Why would you take the risk? That’s where our accelerated expert training can help.

Why this GraphQL online training is a great investment

There’s something we can do to minimize these challenges.

The first step we can take is to learn from the best. Effectively skilling up some developers on GraphQL will help your company make an informed decision about when and how much to invest in GraphQL.

The second step would be planning in advance how and when to upgrade our tech stack. Planning and exploring new tech helps you stay ahead without transferring stress on your company and teams.

About the training

With our GraphQL online training, you can take your dev career to the next level. Across 6 sessions, our coaches will show you how to master GraphQL.

Our industry-expert coaches are available to answer real-world complex questions. On top of the 3-hour sessions with a live tutor expert on GraphQL , every trainee will have a 15-minute 1-on-1 call with each expert to get the help and ask the questions they need. Those can be either related to the sessions material or to problems trainees are facing in their own real-world projects.

An industry expert giving tailored advice on practical problems can save a lot of money later.

Why training developers on GraphQL?

Hiring experts is expensive and takes time, in terms of interviews, availability, experience and costs. That’s especially problematic if you are not sure about how much to invest in GraphQL.

On the other side, keeping your employees and providing training for them will result in lower risk, lower investment, and lower commitment from the company’s side.

Thanks to the small group size in the e-classroom and the continuous assessment from the live tutors, the trainees will be able to hold mastery at the end of the training.

The curriculum introduces the most relevant and up to date GraphQL topics. This means that your employees won’t only upskill, but they’ll also learn some new exciting technology which can be helpful if you’re looking to improve your employees retention.

Same Driving Principles, In-Person & Online

With our GraphQL online training course, we aim to bring the same principles that fuel our in-person training courses. Our mission is to inspire and support professional developers to grow in their career, while leading the way for a mentorship conscious tech industry. We’re thrilled to bring this same driving principle to our online courses.

As expressed in our teaching method, you won’t be learning passively: we believe in an active learning process that will also trigger and enhance your soft skills. During the exercises you’ll be able to train your skills and problem solving, as well as improving communications and teamwork during the pair programming sessions.

You can also expect to benefit from the same React GraphQL Academy values, including our passion, empathy, and cutting-edge determination to understand the latest in GraphQL and share that knowledge with our students.

Meet Your GraphQL Online Training Coaches

Over the course of three weeks, you’ll be taught by a selection of our expert GraphQL coaches. Here’s a little more about each of them and what they have to say about coaching, their top tips or their most inspirational quotes.

Alex Lobera - Tech Lead & Founder at LeanJS

Alex has 3 years of commercial experience with GraphQL, and he regularly runs GraphQL workshops at conferences such as JSNation or CityJS London.

Teaching is very rewarding. I love sharing what I've learned in my career to help others grow. I think this is what really makes our industry move forward.

Nik Graf - Software Engineer & Independent Consultant

Nik holds different talks and online workshops about the topic he masters: Designing GraphQL Schemas.

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To me, teaching is one of the best ways to deeply immerse yourself in a topic.

Eve Porcello - Owner at Moon Highway

Eve ran the GraphQL Bootcamp at GraphQL Summit 2019 and she was recommended to by Apollo - the company organizing the GraphQL Summit. She is teaching on this course the same topics she taught at the conference.

Eve is also a published author, she wrote a book about GraphQL.

If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be another year older when you do! - Warren Miller

Vladimir Novick - Software Architect & Consultant

Vladimir was a developer advocate at Hasura, he held many talks and wrote many articles about the subject he is teaching in this training.

Don’t overcomplicate things!

Master GraphQL with Our Online Training Today

If you’re ready to take your dev career further, then our GraphQL online training is ready for you.

To find out more about the course, head to our dedicated GraphQL Online Training page now. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our expert team to discuss the course in further detail, find out about pricing, and what you’ll get out of the part-time dev training course.

But to get a real idea of what our course looks like, join us for our online trial day before the course kicks off. We’ll be running a free trial of the GraphQL Online Training, airing the first online session 3 weeks before the course is due to begin. Join us, and if you like what you learn you can secure your spot for the full course later.

This is a new chapter for React GraphQL Academy -- be a part of the first online training in March 2020 by signing up today!

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