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I reviewed nearly 70 software developer portfolios. Here's what I discovered.

This past week I reviewed nearly 70 software developer portfolios on my YouTube channel.

I had a blast! I also noticed some trends & patterns I thought were interesting. Here are a few of my findings:


  • Dark mode. This was a nice UX/UI addition I saw in many of this year's portfolio submissions. I wear dark mode to life, so thank you for going easy on my eyeballs.

  • Static site deployments to Netlify. While last year's submissions did feature quite a few static pages, this year's crop of portfolios featured numerous Netlify deployments.

  • A larger international audience. Compared to last year, this year's collection of portfolios featured a larger international audience. Just about every continent was represented, including submissions from Qutar to Poland to Kenya and so many more. Antarctica for Portfoliocon 2022?

We also gave away some wonderful prizes, so thanks to our prize sponsors,, (we also gave away a few courses on including Portfolio Surgery).

Thank you everyone for tuning in! I can't wait for Portfoliocon 2022 and have big plans for it ā€“ possibly even making it an in-person event!

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Mike Ekkel

I understand you are trying to drive traffic to your video, but it would have been great to at least get more info than three trends. Handful of positives, handful of negatives, handful of opportunities. Just... something more than a plug for a video.

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Charanjit Chana

Thank you for taking the time to do this and especially to review my portfolio. Valuable feedback for me to think over. Iā€™m also very happy you noticed the speed of the site, something I spent a while working on to achieve the best results possible!

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Anish Ansari

Thank you for the feedback and your valuable time. Very helpful for improvement. Thanks a ton.

realtoughcandy profile image

No problem! Glad it was helpful. Thanks for sharing your work!